What I’ve been watching this week – April 28

Notting Hill

We had ordered ourselves a nice London skyline LEGO set, and thought that building it while watching a quintessential London movie would be nice. It was my turn to choose the movie, so I chose one of my favourites, Notting Hill.

I still love it!! It’s a great romcom, leaning more on the rom than the com.

On our trip to London a few years ago, we made it to Notting Hill and even visited the famous blue door from the movie.

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Too Hot to Handle

Oh boy was this a real winner. It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but it feels like my exact order. A bunch of hot people travel to Mexico where they find out they can’t make out with each other if they want money and a robot tells on them when they do. I feel like that’s a pretty simplified description of the show. I feel like if you watch the preview, you’ll know if its for you or not.

Check out the full blog post I wrote about Too Hot to Handle here.

Top Chef Canada

A new season of Top Chef Canada started a couple weeks ago. So far I am enjoying it more than I did last season. I like the cast more. I still find that this iteration of Top Chef is missing a bit of charm.

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