What I’ve been watching this week – August 27

21 Jump Street

We were flicking through channels the other day and 21 Jump Street (the movie version) was juuust starting and we accidentally got hooked and watch the whole thing. We did switch to watch the movie on Netflix so we didn’t have to watch commercials.

I forgot how much I liked this movie. It brought back memories that I saw this not once, but TWICE in theatres. Gosh, what an all-star line up in this movie, I couldn’t believe it. Anyway, I thought it was great.

Love Island Series 5

I’m still trucking along in the latest season of Love Island. Still enjoying it, it’s just in a little bit of a lull for me right now.

Bachelor in Paradise

Things are still pretty exciting a couple weeks into BIP. This is usually when the season starts to slow down because everyone is in a committed couple by now. There is still quite a bit of fluidity going on with the pairings, so that is good to watch. I am really enjoying this season. I love that we are seeing Demi’s relationship with Kristian. BIP is great because you get to see more facets of the cast’s personality. Much more than you see on their OG season.

We were joined by Survivor’s Rob Cesternino last week to break down everything that’s been going on in Paradise so far.

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