What I’ve been watching this week – December 10

This was the week that I’ve finally gotten into the holiday spirit with my viewing habits.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding – This was a sequel to 2017’s much-beloved holiday movie A Christmas Prince where a journalist goes undercover as a tutor to get access to the Royals of  Aldovia. Obviously in that one hi jinks ensue and the commoner and the price fall in ~love~. In this movie Amber, our future queen, struggles with losing her identity to fit in with palace protocol.  I think you can tell by the title of this movie whether or not you are going to like it. And I knew I as going to like it. It’s obviously kitschy and a little lame, but honestly that’s what I look for in a movie. I enjoyed the heck out of this.

Four Christmases – This is one of my boyfriend’s favourite Christmas movies, so we watched it this weekend. I always forget how much I enjoy this movie and also Reese Witherspoon.

Elf – This is both my favourite Christmas movie, and my favourite movie of all time. It’s a holiday tradition to watch it at least 10 times before Christmas, so here’s to another 9 viewings.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Holi-slay Spectacular – Well, this was certainly an interesting piece of television, wasn’t it? I was really excited to see some of my favourite queens from seasons Christmases past decked out in holiday attire. It was a really fun special to watch, and there were some really excellent looks going on – but it did feel a little disconnected and odd. If you looked away from the screen for one moment, you came back wondering if you were still watching the same show. But in all honestly, I will probably watch this again next year. 

Top Chef Kentucky – I am very excited that one of my favourite shows is back! Top Chef Kentucky premiered this week, and it felt like being home. The cheftestants team up to make some dishes without knives before running in a race of sorts with dishes that represent their cooking. I love this show so much and I am very excited about this cast. I talk about the episode on the reality tv rhap up top chef podcast


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