What I’ve been watching this week – December 10th

America’s Next Top Model

Sorry, I am in a full-blown ANTM spiral. I’d like to thank the YouTube channel Top Model Channel for this. This week they posted the marathons of Cycles 15 and 16.

I had seen cycle 15 before, but I think maybe only once as it was airing. There were a few people I remembered, but a majority of the cast felt new to me. It really felt like Ann was pegged to win from the beginning. She had the ‘best photo’ 5 weeks in a row. I wouldn’t necessarily agree with all of those best photos. I felt like Chelsey was an overall stronger model than Ann. She’s definitely not the worst winner in the franchise. It was a fun watch, but not one of my top seasons.

Cycle 16 was completely new to me. I knew who won, and I knew there was some drama with Alexandria, but that was about it. I really liked this season. I thought it was a really strong cast. I thought Brittani as the winner was a good choice, her photos were very strong all along the way.

This is definitely when the show started spiraling into madness. It’s always shown hints of craziness, but boy they made some ~choices~ here. They start the season off with telling the final 14 that they are the ones that are cut. Everyone cries. The other girls are ecstatic. Tyra tells them that JK they actually made it! I actually like seeing the casting process, and felt we were kind of robbed of it. Also, I read that the other girls that ‘made it’ were NOT actors, and presumably had their dreams crushed moments after their excitement. That’s pretty trash!! Also, inexplicably they cut both finalists’ hair right before the last panel? For what reason?????????????????????????????????

Anyway, I had a pretty good time watching these two seasons that weren’t in my heavy rotation. Cycle 6 remains the best season.

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