What I’ve been watching this week – December 17

We are in the throes of December, which means a very holiday/wintery version of What I’ve been watching this week!!


Elf is my all-time favourite movie. Sorry! That’s just the way it is!! In my heyday I would watch it 3 or 4 times a day for weeks. I don’t do interests lightly. I even decorated the lounge of my dorm in first year like the living room in the movie.

Anyway, as a fully-fledged adult with more responsibilities and a dedication to watching seasons of America’s Next Top Model from over a decade ago, I only watch it 1 or 2 times a year. We got our first watch in while wrapping Christmas presents (a task I despise!)

I really feel like this movie holds up. It still has the charm it did when it first came out. I love watching it!

Nailed It: Holiday Edition

I’ve watched a bit of Nailed It in the past and have always enjoyed it. I put on the holiday series on a whim, as I’ve been meaning to watch it.

What a joy this show is. It’s just pure joy. It’s so funny, light and earnest. I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. I cannot wait to finish watching the rest of the series.

Ex on the Peak

After a couple of pretty bland seasons of Ex on the Beach, I wasn’t super hyped about Ex on the Peak, despite a pretty great cast. Three episodes in and I’m really enjoying it. Having the winter theme, they could play it off like it wasn’t an Ex on the Beach-type show. It’s a fun watch and has more charm than the last few seasons did.

Holiday Specials of British Panel Shows

I can’t stop won’t stop with British Panel shows. We just wanted a nice holiday twist. We found some Christmas episodes of Would I lie to you? and Pointless. The WILTY episodes are really fantastic. Seek them out!

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