What I’ve Been Watching This Week – December 24

The Office Christmas episodes – Since we’ve seen an influx of instagram posts about what episode number in the season the holiday episodes of all your favourite shows are, it has lead to me watching the Christmas episodes of The Office because it was easy for my boyfriend to find them. Honestly I haven’t watched The Office in eons, despite it being one of my favourite shows growing up. It was fun to go back and watch these, but I’m not sure if I’m going to commit to a complete rewatch for a while.

Always Late with Katie Nolan – I love Katie Nolan. She is truly the best. She has a new show on ESPN+ that I cannot watch because I do not have ESPN+. Last week a holiday edition of Always Late aired on ABC, which I do get. It was a great episode because it showed a lot of highlights from her show throughout the year. Also it was hilarious and great. My boyfriend could hear me giggling and asked me what I was watching and it was that.

Survivor Finale – Another season of Survivor has come and gone. I was super low on the idea of this season coming into it, but it turned out to be a really fun season. I wasn’t super satisfied with the winner of the season, but I kind of expected it based on the ~edit~. There was a lot of fun characters that I’m looking forward to coming back probably way too soon and way too often.

Great American Baking Show Holiday Edition – Please sign me up to watch any and all iterations of the Baking Show franchise. The GABSHE was certainly no exception. It ran for 3 weeks, with two episodes each week. It was certainly a fun watch, but I would have loved a whole season of this.

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