What I’ve been watching this week – February 11


Cheer is the latest Netflix show to take the world by storm. I knew I would like it – I love cheerleading stuff, although I was never one. It just takes me a while to get into these things.

I am really enjoying it so far. I’d say the episodes don’t really need to be an hour long, which is an issue I have with a lot of Netflix original shows. Through the first 2 episodes, we are seeing how these people have come to cheerleading and what they’ve gone through in their lives. It is super compelling to see how some of these kids really came from nothing and had to fight to where they are now, and what an impact cheerleading has made on them.

Survivor at 40

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this special, but it got me really amped up for the new Winners at War season. It was a cool look back at what’s been going on for the last 20 years. I appreciate that they had given the opportunity for some of the players on this season to talk about a few of their most iconic moments.

The Circle UK

I have been loving The Circle UK! I finished off series 2, and had a great time watching it. I really loved the cast, and how the game progressed. I am now about halfway through series 1. I don’t love it quite as much as series 2, but I am still really enjoying it.

The Bachelor

The Bachelor just keeps becoming a tougher watch, doesn’t it? We are now down to the final four women, and I feel like I don’t really know any of them. The show was so focused on pointless drama that we never really got the opportunity to know any of them super well. Now, I don’t really care who wins because I don’t know them well enough to have a rooting interest.

For more of my thoughts on this season of The Bachelor, check out the podcast here.

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