What I’ve been watching this week – January 29

The Circle UK

After watching The Circle US on Netflix and really digging it, I thought I should jump into the UK version. I started with season 2 because I was told it was the most similar to the US version.

I am LOVING it. It has everything I felt like I was missing from the US version. The cast is amazing. I love them a lot. It has the charm of a British show that I can’t get enough of. It’s a great season so far.


I’ve moved on from just watching Pointless Celebrity to watch regular Pointless and I cannot stop watching it. I love the game. It makes me laugh. I am obsessed with it.

Vanderpump Rules

I think we are 3 or 4 episodes into this season of Vanderpump rules and I just don’t know guys. I am tired of Stassi mentioning ranch. I am tired of Jax being Jax. It makes no sense to me why the Toms can’t take responsibility for their own stuff. Tom Sandoval should apologize! He is in the wrong! Stop being so prideful!!!!

The Bachelor

This season of the Bachelor feels like it’s been on forever!! It has had a level of drama that I don’t feel like we’ve had for quite a few seasons. The women seem to be petty and none of it is making and sense, and Peter doesn’t seem to understand how to control any of it. He is being swayed too much by everyone. Poor Peter.

Last week Kemi from Big Brother 21 joined us on the podcast and she was great, check out the episode here. Check out our thoughts on the latest episode here.

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