What I’ve been watching this week – June 11

Paradise Hotel

Paradise came to an unceremonious end last week after its episode order got cut dramatically. I’m still behind a few episodes, but I’m working on catching up. Even while watching the episodes, I find myself just scrolling through my phone. None of the cast members are particularly dynamic, and I don’t believe in any of the relationships that are being shown. I feel like they have something here with Paradise Hotel, but they can’t seem to make it work yet again in the third iteration of the franchise.

It gives me concern for the US version of Love Island coming very soon. The shows have pretty similar formats, that is if the US version sticks to the UK framework. But, Love Island will be airing 5 nights a week. That is a lot of nights of TV. That might work across the pond, but I’m not really sure if people are going to be psyched about that much content each week. I hope I’m wrong!

Teen Mom OG

Teen Mom OG is BACK. They aired two episodes to celebrate the premiere of a new season. I have no idea what season this actually is because they like to split the seasons into A and B parts, so who the hell knows. This season is back with one notable difference – Bristol Palin is no longer on the show. Whatever, fine by me.

The most interesting storyline in these two episodes was that Corey, of Cheyenne and Corey, is back with Taylor, his Ex on the Beach co-star. There’s a lot of MTV synergy going on with these two.

Vanderpump Rules

Yes, I am still very deep into my VPR binge. I am now finished season 3 and onto season 4. Kristen and Stassi are doing themselves no favours right now. I still love Ariana, I like Katie, and although I don’t know if I’d want to hang out with Scheana, I still dig her. The best part of season 3 was obviously Scheana’s wedding. The guys are all just fine, but all idiots.

The Amazing Race

I was behind a couple episodes of The Amazing Race and just recently caught up. This season is still so much fun to watch, and I would be pretty happy with any of the remaining teams winning.

Of course I watched The Bachelorette this week, so catch up on my thoughts about the latest episode on the podcast.

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