What I’ve Been Watching this week – May 13

Like Cats and Dogs

This 2017 Hallmark movie follows Laura and Spencer, two very different strangers, as they try to share a rental after a clerical error.

It was a cute and fun movie that ended exactly as you would expect. If this is your type of movie you will definitely like it. It’s a nice, easy watch.

I was invited to talk about the movie over on the Hallmarkies Podcast, so check that out here.

Vanderpump Rules

After what felt like a very dragged out, boring season of Vanderpump Rules, the last few episodes have been really good. It’s felt like very classic Vanderpump Rules. Maybe I have to give credit to Jax for completely losing it and returning to old Jax? Ugh, I never want to give him credit for anything.

I feel like the new cast members are finally being integrated well into the show, and I’m liking them quite a bit. Except Brett and Max.

Check out my rankings of everyone on Vanderpump Rules.

The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart

Am I…actually really enjoying this show?

Yes I am and I can’t believe it.

Honestly, I’m having a really great time watching it. The two hour episodes don’t feel too long. And I’m thankful there is only one episode per week. I think quite a few of the people on the show are talented musicians which makes it easier to watch.

Check out my podcast coverage of Listen to Your Heart here.

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