What I’ve been watching this week – November 26

Richard Osman’s House of Games

We discovered Richard Osman’s House of Games this week through my YouTube recommendations, and we are OBSESSED.

It’s a daily show with 4 celebrities that battle it out over 5 rounds of quiz questions. The questions have a different spin on usual quiz shows, which is part of what has made watching it so fun. The final round is always ‘Answer Smash’, in which you see a photo or a song and you’re given a clue and you have to smash them together for the answer. It’s pretty similar to Jeopardy’s ‘Before and After’ category.

This is a charming show, with a lot of episodes to dig through and I can’t wait.

Pointless Celebrities

I discovered Pointless while we were in Iceland. I mentioned that I would love to be able to find this show and watch it again. It was super exciting to find it online, and it was the celebrity version! I usually know one or two people per episode, which makes it even more fun to watch.

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