What I’ve been watching this week – October 1


I know, I went to go see a movie in theatres, I can’t believe it either. With all the hype surrounding the movie, and with the absolutely unreal, star-studded cast, I felt like I couldn’t miss it. Especially now that I have Tuesdays free since Bachelor in Paradise ended.

The movie, based on a true story, followed Destiny’s rise from rags to riches through the NYC strip club scene with help from her friend, and fellow stripper Ramona. After the financial collapse of 2008, everyone fell on some hard times, they enlisted other dancers to help them get back on their feet using some, not super legal methods. It’s touted as a Robin Hood story. It is. It’s hard to feel bad for the Wall Street guys.

I enjoyed the movie. I don’t think I could say I loved it though. I thought the cast was fantastic. Jennifer Lopez was incredible as Ramona. There was quite a few laughs as well. There was just a lot of really sad elements to it. Which was the point, I know that. We’re told the whole story through Destiny’s point-of-view, and it’s revealed that she may not be the most reliable narrator. So it was a little difficult to be 100% on her side.

If you’ve been wanting to see Hustlers, you definitely should.

Schitt’s Creek

I am so deep into Schitt’s now. Ethan and I have really been enjoying watching an episode or two before bed every night. It’s been a great way for us to savour it. It’s so funny and features some of the most cleverly written jokes I’ve ever heard. I’m a little mad it took me so long to watch it.

Top Chef Season 1

I’ve completely given up on Southern Charm. After a few weeks break from it, I just couldn’t go back to it. I needed something to have on while working. Top Chef is just a trusty standby, so I put it on. I am still having a great time watching it!

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