What I’ve been watching this week – October 31

I was away this past week, so I expected to not even write a post because I didn’t think I’d be watching much television. I don’t know why I thought that, I love watching tv! Our AirBNB had an excellent selection of channels, featuring many British ones. Our favourite channel we found was called Challenge which was all quiz and game shows. Here are all the British game shows we had the absolute fortune of watching this week.

The Weakest Link

I used to watch the American version of this show when it was on, but I haven’t seen it in years. These episodes were definitely old. I don’t know if the way the host was talking to the contestants would fly these days.


I thought the concept of this show was really cool. It starts with a pool of 30 contestants answering multiple choice questions. The three answers included the correct answer, a wrong answer, and an impossible answer. The impossible answer is something that cannot be correct (not written by the same author, not on the same continent, wrong decade, etc.). If you answer the Impossible answer, you’re out of the game for the day. There’s a final round and stuff. Whatever, it was fun.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Another classic show. We had fun watching this. I haven’t watched it in years and years and years.

The Chase

This was my favourite of the shows we watched. A team works to build up money by answering trivia questions against “the chaser”. If you get caught, you don’t get the money. In the episodes we watched, no one won! I’m really looking forward to watching more of The Chase.

Would I Lie to You?

I had seen this show a number of times, but it’s a great watch. It’s a panel show that features British comedians and other famous people. They give facts about themselves and the other team has to guess whether or not it’s a lie.


Pointless is kind of the opposite of Family Feud. You want to give the least popular answer for a particular category. I want to watch this one again too.

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