What I’ve been watching this week – October 8


We’re a couple weeks into the new Survivor season, and I’ve been enjoying it so far. I didn’t have high hopes about the Island of the Idols twist. And I’m still not totally on board with it. The cast so far has been really amazing and fun, and I don’t want to have to waste a whole lot of time on a weird twist. I am now more hopeful about how things are going to play out. For more of my thoughts on this season so far, check out my appearance on the RHAP Survivor BnB podcast.

Ex on the Beach US

I don’t think the US version of the show is nearly as good as the OG British version, but this season has been pretty good. I think we waste a lot of time on crush weeks. I also wish we could see the departure of a few more of the original singles, because a lot of the exes are exes of exes anyway. I think there has been ample drama, and everyone is getting involved.

Teen Mom 2

I more or less gave up on Teen Mom OG. I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. I am still giving Teen Mom 2 a chance. With the exit of Jenelle and the entrance of Jade, it gave the show the little boost it needed. This season so far has been okay. The biggest point of drama comes from someone who isn’t even a part of the cast – Leah’s sister who, in the process of getting her divorce, got pregnant from a hook up in Costa Rica. The fun never ends!!

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