What I’ve been watching this week – September 3

Great British Bake Off

Everyone’s favourite show that they can comfortably watch with their parents is back!!

I am so excited that a new season of Great British Baking Show is here. I feel like I spend all year waiting for it. It fills me with so much joy just watching it. Two seasons and one episode in, I really do love Noel and Sandy as hosts. They’re not Mel and Sue, but they’re not trying to be which is appreciated. They bring a completely different vibe to the show.

I’m excited about the cast, though they are a YOUNG group. I’m looking forward to seeing what they will create throughout the season.

Bachelor in Paradise

This past week in Paradise we saw drama bleed into the wedding of former paradisers, Chris and Krystal. It is amazing to see them go from villains of their seasons to a married couple. This franchise is so odd. Anyway, This is about when the season starts to slow down and I think it’s still progressing nicely. I will say it’s hard to see how any of these relationships are going to end up in an engagement. I’d like to see these relationships go a little deeper. For all of my thoughts on this season of Bachelor in Paradise check out the podcast.

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