What I’ve been watching this week – September 9

Taskmaster Series 9

The new season of Taskmaster has just begun! I know I keep saying this, but Taskmaster is truly the best and funniest show I’ve ever seen. Sure, I have the tendency to be hyperbolic, but I mean it!

This new season is the first time there is 3 women on the panel and I’m so excited! It also features Ed Gamble’s beautiful jawline!! (just google it). The first episode was really fantastic and it has me very excited for the rest of the series.

Southern Charm

After taking a bit of a break from Southern Charm, I’m back on its bullshit. Guys, I just don’t super love Southern Charm. It’s fine. I just don’t think if I didn’t have the opportunity to have TV playing in the background while I work all day that I would ever keep watching it.

Great British Baking Show

Another lovely week in the tent!!! This week was biscuit week, and the contestants were able to make some really incredible structures out of biscuits. It never takes anytime to fully devote myself to a season. There’s just something about this show that is so warm and comforting. One of my favourite moments of this episode was when one competitor was racing against the clock to get their bake finished, and his castmates came over and helped him finish. That really embodies the spirit of this show.

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