Why I’m excited for Clare Crawley to be The Bachelorette

ABC has announced their new Bachelorette – it’s 38-year-old Clare Crawley who we first met on Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor. We watched her search for love on The Bachelor, on 2 seasons of Bachelor in Paradise, and we saw her find it with Quebecois Benoit on Bachelor Winter Games.

That relationship didn’t last, but we were all happy for Clare after watching her journey throughout the franchise.

Here she is now as The Bachelorette.

I love this pick. I had been hearing rumours that she could be the one, and I wasn’t sure if I could believe it until it was officially announced. She made her appearance on Good Morning America to announce to the world that she was here looking for love.

Clare is 14 years older than our last Bachelorette, Hannah Brown. She’s lived a lot of life. She’s experienced a lot of things. She’s going to bring a maturity to the show that we haven’t seen in a while.

Clare knows what she wants and what she deserves. She is going to take this process seriously and won’t take any bullshit from the guys.

The reason why Hannah was such a successful Bachelorette was because she was open, honest, and vulnerable. Clare has all of those qualities in spades. We’ve never seen her hold back.

Everyone from Bachelor Nation seems to like her. I’ve seen people coming out saying how excited they are for her, I feel like that’s a good sign. Even her former fiance is excited for her!

I hope that they cast men who are at the same point in their life that she is. I’d be pretty disappointed if the cast was full of 22-year-old f-boys. I think Clare deserves a great crop of dudes!

I’m really excited that they went a little bit out of the box for this pick, and I think it will pay off. I can’t wait for this season to start!

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